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Press Council Of India and IJU

The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) has once again won nominations to three seats in the Press Council of India. This is for the third time in a row that three representatives of the IJU have had the honour of being nominated as members of the Press Council.

 The IJU representatives who have been nominated members of the Council for the next three-year term, according to the Government of India Gazette notification of February 7, 2008, are IJU Secretary General K. Srinivas Reddy, veteran West Bengal IJU leader Mihir Ganguly and Com G. Prabhakaran of the Kerala Journalists Union. The other four members of the next Press Council in the category of working journalists other than editors, too, belong to organisations having close ties with the IJU. They are Mr S N Sinha and Mr Joginder Chawla of the Working News Cameramen Association (WNCA) and Mr Ajith Kumar and Mr Kalyan Barooah of the Press Association. No other working journalists’ organisation has found any place on the Press Council this time again.

 With all the seven Press Council members in the category of working journalists other than editors belonging to the IJU,  WNCA and press association. It becomes a duty of all IJU activists to actively participate in all Press Council-sponsored activities and help all journalists in availing of its protection in the discharge of their duties.

 M. Chalapathi Rao honoured

 A statue of the late M. Chalapathi Rao, one of the “greats” of Indian journalism and founding leaders of the working journalist movement in the country, was unveiled at M. Chalapathi Rao Nagar Journalist Colony in Hyderabad on Dec 30, 2007 by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Chandrashekhar Reddy. A galaxy of Indian journalists attending the unveiling ceremony, which marked the beginning of the golden jubilee celebrations of the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ). Those who attended the function included IJU Secretary General K Sreenivas Reddy and Andhra Pradesh Press Academy Chairman D Amar who is Chairman of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee, IJU Secretary Mr. K Amarnath APUWJ President Mr. D. Somasundar, General Secretary Mr. Y Narender Reddy And L.S Hardenia.

 NC meeting at Bodh Gaya

 Bihar working journalists union decided to host IJU`s National council meeting at Bodh Gaya in the second week of June 2008

IJU NEC Meeting at Ambaji

A two-day meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) was held at Ambaji in Gujarat on 6-7 Dec. 2007. IJU president Suresh Akhouri, presided over the meting, which was hosted by Gujarat Journalists Union. The meeting adopted two resolutions. Through one resolution NEC views with serious concern the dilatory tactics are being employed by Union Labor Ministry mandarins in dealing with and deciding/ settling the matters relating to the working of the Wage Boards for Working Journalists and Non-journalist Newspaper and News Agency Employees. These dilatory tactics show a clear nexus between the employers and Ministry officials for they are obviously intended to delay the functioning of the Boards at every stage in order to scuttle, even sabotage, their working. There seems to be an obvious design to deny both journalist and non-journalist employees of newspapers and news agencies of the long overdue revision of their wage and salary structures.
While NEC strongly condemn such dilatory tactics and call upon the Government to eschew these and play ball. Newspaper employees will not be satisfied just with the lollipop of the setting up of the Wage Boards. In case the Government does not give up its obstructionist tactics and take immediate action to add the question of Interim Relief in the terms of reference of the two Wage Boards, we shall be left with no alternative but to launch a direct struggle for justice.
Through other resolution the NEC strongly condemns the repression of Pakistan’s media by the Musharraf regime and expresses its complete solidarity with the Pakistani journalists who are struggling against all odds to support the cause of democracy in their country. IJU salute the journalists, lawyers and other democratic forces of Pakistan who are fighting for the withdrawal of the Emergency imposed by General Musharraf and fully support their cause.
NEC also support wholeheartedly the Charter of Demands adopted by the neighboring country’s journalist community on November 30 seeking removal of all restrictions on the freedom of expression and right to information and withdrawal of the repressive ordinances and codes introduced since November 3 last. IJU is that Pakistan’s journalists will come out victorious in their struggle.
The National Council Meeting of the IJU will held at Bodh Gaya in the month of Feb.-Mar. 2008. to be hosted by Bihar Working Journalists Union. Regional conference of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, kerala, Karnataka, Maharastra, Goa & Puducherry will be held at Tirupati in the month of March. 2008. hosted by Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists.

IJU first regional conference at Agartala

The north east states first regional conference of IJU was held at Agartala (Tripura) on September 16, 2007. the IJU President Suresh Akhouri inaugurated the conference. The concluding session of the IJU regional conference and the state conference of Tripura Journalist Union held on next day, on September 17, 2007, was attended by Tripura chief minister Mr. Maanik Sarkar and leader of opposition in the assembly Ratan Lal Nath, the IJU president , who is also a member of the wage board for working journalist apprised the gathering of the slow progress being made by wage board and expressed great concern, he also regretted that state like Tripura were not providing adequate protection to journalist who were facing threatening situation because of insurgency.  Tripura journalist Union President Jayanta Bhattacharya, who was reelected president, drew the attention of the chief minister about the prevailing condition in the state and asks for security and welfare majors for a journalist in the state. IJU NEC member Geetartha Pathak dwelt the problems of the north east journalists, Conference demanded setting for north east states.

IJU again recognized by press council of India, not IFWJ

The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) and three other journalists union have been recognized by the press council of India as representative organizations of  working journalist in the country, according to gazette notification dated august 2, 2007.
The Indian Federation Of Working Journalists (IFWJ) has not been recognized as representative body of working journalist this time.


K.B. Pandit (Haryana) and Jayanta Bhattacharya (Tripura ) are members of the newly constituted central press accreditation committee (CPAC) representing Indian Journalists Union

IJU NEC Manali (Himachal Pradesh) Meeting

A two day meeting of the National Executive Committee was held at Manali on july 9-10 ,2007. IJU president Suresh Akhouri presided over the meeting which was hosted by Himachal Pradesh journalists union. The meeting demanded interim relief to 65% to all journalists working in the newspaper in any agency. The meeting was addressed by Himachal Pradesh chief minister Birrbhadra Shing and other minister of the Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh journalists union president Dr. Shashi Bhusan demanded setting up of press academy in the state. IJU secretary general K.Sreenivas Reddy inform the meeting that all constituents of confederation of newspaper and news agencies organization will submit there respective memoranda to the wage board on their own.

OUWJ State Conferance

A two day state conference Orissa union of working journalist was held in Jharusuguba on jluy 28-29 ,2007. About 400 journalists all over the state attended this conference. IJU president Suresh Akhouri inaugurated the two day meet. Orissa minister of Labor and employment Jay Narayan Mishra was the chief guest. Bijoya Kumar Routray was elected president and Ravi Mishra general secretary.

IJU on the Wage Board For Working Journalists

The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) has won a great victory after a long struggle. It has succeeded and secured the constitution of the Wage Board for working journalists and getting a place on it as member of Wage Board. IJU President Suresh Akhouri is representing IJU in the Wage Board for the Working Journalists. Former Judge of Kerala High Court and returning Chief Justice of Madras High Court Dr. Justice K. Narayan Kurup is the Chairman of the Wage Board.

Sikkim & Himachal Pradesh Journalist Union joins IJU

Sikkim Journalist Union & Himachal Pradesh Journalist Union joined the Indian Journalists Union. With this the number of IJU affiliated state unions increased to 26.

Delegate/Plenary Session At Sirsa (Haryana) - 9-11 Feb 2007

The three day delegate/plenary session of the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) was held at Sirsa (Haryana) on 9-11 February 2007. It was hosted by Haryana Patrakar Sangh. Mr. Suresh Akhouri presided over the session, which was inaugurated by Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda on 9th Evening. A.I.C.C. General Secretary Mr. Janardan Dwivedi and C.P.I. Secretary Mr. D. Raja were the chief guest. The concluding session on 11th February was addressed by Union Textile Minister Mr. Shankar Sinh Vaghela, Chairman of Press Council of Indian Justice G. N. Ray and Haryana Finance Minister Mr. Virendra Singh. In his presidential address Mr. Akhouri called upon for broader unity of working journalists and other newspaper employees at all level and said that only such unity will help us win our struggle and defeat the concerted attack of the employees on the working journalists and other organized contingent of the working class.
Secretary General Mr. K. Sreenivas Reddy in his report said that victimization and harassment of the Journalists would not be tolerated. He called upon the state union to take upon all such cases vigorously. He also demanded setting of Media commission and amendments in the working journalists act.

Session started with the formal announcement of unanimous election of Mr. Suresh Akhouri and Mr. K. Sreenivas Reddy as President and General Secretary respectively of Indian Journalists Union, which was greeted with standing ovation.


Mr. D. S. Ravindra Doss (Tamil Nadu) and Mr. Sunil Das (West Bengal) were elected vice presidents of IJU at Sirsa Plenary Session. The other office bearers are:
Secretaries: Mr. Madan Singh (Delhi), Mr. K. Amarnath (Andhra Pradesh), Mr. Vinod Kohli (Chandigarh) and Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh(Bihar).
Treasurers: Mr. K. B. Pandit (Haryana).
NEC Members: Mr. Geetartha Pathak (Assam), Mr. Arun Kumar (Bihar), Mr. Bijoy K. Routray (Orissa), Mr. M. A. Mazid (Andhra Pradesh), Mr. Jayant Bhattacharya (Tripura), Mr. G. K. Stalin (Tamil Nadu), Mr Mohammed Asgar (Bihar) and Mr. Bhikhabhai Deojibhai Prajapati (Gujrat).


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IJU NEC meeting will be held on 9-10 June 2007 in Manali, HP..

Ambaji NEC Meeting, Dec. 6-7, 2007.Resolutions Passed

Puducherry  N.E.C Meeting

The Resolution passed at Puducherry (NEC) 24 - 25 March 2007

The Resolution passed at Sirsa (Plenary) 9- 11 February 2007

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